Business Formation & Incorporation

The Larsen Firm knows that there are many concerns facing those who seek to start up a new business. Trust our experienced professionals to ensure that beginning your venture is an easier experience. Our attorneys help many clients with the following:

Business Incorporation and Formation

Explaining the benefits of formal incorporation and the relative advantages of what entity form to chose, whether as a corporation, limited liability company, or as a partnership (and many others), and help draft the specific documents required to get businesses up and running. Our attorneys are also well-versed in tax law as to provide insight as to which entity may provide the best tax advantages.

Governmental Registration and Licensing

Providing assistance with not only registration with Federal and State Governments, but our skilled attorneys can also provide service in ensuring that your business is properly permitted and licensed in compliance with local ordinances and regulations.

Operating Agreements

Draft operating agreements, which will set forth clearly defined rights and duties, which are especially needed when a business has more than one owner. Plus, operating agreements can serve as useful tools to establish situations to provide the most beneficial tax outcome.

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