Business & Commercial Litigation

Every business will have a point where it will need to consider seeking legal action in a court of law in order to asserts its rights against a customer or perhaps another business. The attorneys of The Larsen Firm provide aggressive representation on behalf of businesses and individuals who find themselves in a situation where there is no other alternative but to initiate or defend against a law suit. Our attorneys provide services in the following areas of disputes involving businesses:

Vendor Disputes

Actively represent businesses and individuals involved in conflicts related to vendors and the performance and non-performance of their duties and services. Our attorneys also review vendor contracts beforehand to minimize the need for litigation, as well as seeking terms to best protect our clients’ interests.

Contract Disputes

Prosecute and defend against claims involving breaches of contracts and other agreements between businesses, individuals, as well as associations such as Condo and Home Owners Associations. Our skilled attorneys also provide expert drafting services to help minimize that your contracts will not be subject to any legal challenges, while ensuring that your best interests will be preserved.


Aggressively seek out money and services owed to clients against customers and vendors of businesses, as well as defending similar claims brought against clients.

Partnership Disputes

Representation of contractual disputes arising out of disagreements between owners of a business. Seek out resolution of contests involving such issues regarding money distributions, mismanagement, embezzlement, contract terms, voting rights, business control, and conflicts of interest and self-dealing.

Covenants Not to Compete

Attack and defend covenants with employees not to compete against their former employers. Also, our skilled attorneys provide business owners with advice and drafting as to ensure that any restrictive covenants will be upheld by a court of law.

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